Extraction Monitoring

Visualisation of dredging in real time

The MARPO_DGPS system – short for Marine Position Differential Global Positioning System – is an extraction control system developed by SPE GmbH & CO. KG for the efficient extraction of deposits and dredging areas. Our aim: optimal exploitation of extraction areas, the reduction of extraction losses, optimisation of extraction processes, and the minimisation of slope failure risks. Your benefits: precise positioning of the dredger and the excavation apparatus, direct visualisation of all information during the dredging process, and simultaneous documentation of all data using the same software. The MARPO system can be used with any kind of dredger and includes the following components:

  • a robust industrial PC with the newest technology installed on board the dredger;
  • a touchscreen monitor (no keyboard or mouse necessary for operation);
  • dual GPS receiver with integrated digital compass;
  • IPC electronics, sensors, and cabling; and
  • dredger and office analysis software


Because of its modular structure it can be adapted to the respective operating conditions and augmented by numerous elements:

  • slope sonar, echo sounders, 360° sonar scanners;
  • radio wave gauge;
  • direct data transfer from the dredger to the computer in the operation management office;
  • device for recording operating data (recording of machine data, such as power consumption, speed of the bucket wheel, flow rate, etc.) ;
  • remote visualisation of the extraction process;
  • UPS

Figure: Components of the extraction operation monitoring system.

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