The MARPO_OFFICE programme was developed by SPE GmbH & Co. KG to directly analyse the recorded extraction and operating data and to plan the extraction process. The recorded data, which can be prepared and visualised according to your needs, is used to optimise the extraction process.

Figure: Aside from the boundaries in the digital terrain model also a GeoTiff and additional terrain details are displayed in a 2D CAD file.

Range of services

  • Specification of extraction areas for the dredging operator
  • Demarcation of non-productive areas or restricted areas
  • Print-out of to-scale maps and cross-sections of the dredging work
  • Estimation of the dredged amounts for performance thresholds
  • Determination of productive dredging times
  • Tracing the dredger’s manoeuvring paths/distances
  • Export of the data into CAD or GIS programmes
  • Options to import or implement regions and markings
  • Optional: evaluation of operating data (layer models, energy consumption, belt weigher, etc.)

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