Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0 in the stone and earth branch

We are living in a new technological era. Digitalisation has given us numerous options for communication and networking. That is exactly where Industry 4.0 development in the stone and earth branch comes in. Through Big Data (the linking up and evaluation of large quantities of data) we have managed to simplify certain processes and use new technologies to relieve the strain of work on employees. In the dredging branch the catchword “intelligent dredger” is increasingly coming to the fore – a project that aims to realise the autonomous work of dredgers using artificial intelligence (deep learning and neural networks).

The aim is to network all hardware and software components through efficient and innovative IT management in such a way that they can be operated independently. Just like Big Data, the term “Internet of Things” will become increasingly important and this innovation will enable the networking of physical and virtual objects. This new information technology integrates relevant information from the real world and makes it available in a specially designed network. As a result, a device such as a dredger can become semi-automated (and support/relieve people) or fully automated.

SPE GmbH & CO. KG is currently working intensively on simplifying work processes and developing concepts to reduce energy consumption and wear on machinery in the stone and earth industry. Furthermore, we offer our customers hardware and software that have proven to be extremely reliable for several decades and require very little maintenance. Our company is one of the few that will be able to realise the “Intelligent Dredger” quickly.

Figure: Dredger operation center with guided extraction control

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