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Innovative projects for dredging optimisation

As an engineering firm that develops its own hardware and software, we are constantly researching new innovations, to optimise our technology and provide our customers with even better solutions for the stone and earth industry and dredging. That is why we take great interest in new projects and exciting challenges, that push us and support you.

Anyone can do simple, but our aim for you is to develop a visualisation system that suits your needs and is tailored precisely to your expectations. We are currently involved in various special projects that have the potential to considerably improve extraction in deposits and underwater extraction sites in the coming years.

  • Effective visualisation in depths >45 m, even in especially murky water
  • Real time visualisation under water
  • High-precision measurement and resolution of deposits
  • Mobile portable surveying systems

A selection of our research projects to date

Perforation cutter

used as a “diaphragm wall cutter” in underwater extraction. The cutter loosens harder layers which push grab dredgers to their technical limits, and allows the deposit to be mined to a depth of 90m. The perforation cutter thereby considerably increases the productivity of a dredger.

Hopper dedger

a hopper dredger is a seaworthy, self-driving trailing suction dredger which extracts material from the water bed using trailing dragheads and pumps it into the hold of the ship through a suction head and suction pipes as it slowly makes its way forward. The water that is pumped into the hold is discharged through an overflow, leaving only solid extracted materials in the hold. Once dredging operations are complete and the extracted material has been transported to a discharge location, the doors are opened to discharge it or it is flushed out.

WI Dredger

water is injected into the water bed from a ship via a pipe fitted with nozzles. The sediment that is whirled up as a result is carried away with the natural current. The water injection system consists of powerful rinsing water pumps and a rinsing pipe system with winch, adjustment and depth measuring systems.

Rotating grab dredger

the rotary gripper is a special solution in the stone and earth industry. Its advantages: greater reach thanks to a larger boom and excavation in a 270-degree radius, reducing haul times. It is moved with the aid of powerful and robust winches. The additional rotation of the upper structure is visualised in the MARPO system.

Bucket chain excavator

the bucket chain excavator is a mining machine with which continuous extraction is possible. Due to its mechanical breakaway forces and its enormous tearing force, it can even extract firmer layers or intercalations. It uses special buckets, which are attached to an endless chain. In the MARPO system, all buckets in operation, including the sagging chain, are visualised and the terrain model updated accordingly.

Anchor points

the determination of anchor points has several advantages: it provides information about the position of the manoeuvring cables, ensures an efficient cut during extraction, and makes it possible to position the dredger ideally. With the help of the MARPO system SPE GmbH & Co. KG can display all of this information. There is also an app for mobile phones, which makes detailed viewing of the data possible.

Cutter suction dredger

a distinguishing feature of the cutter suction dredger is, that on account of its robust excavation apparatus and its anchoring through spud poles, it can generate enormous cutting strength. We specialise in the precise depiction of the excavation process with the CSD in our MARPO system and displaying how the cut changes as the depth changes during extraction.

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